Nebraska Spring Fever Starts Hot With Turkeys

Over the winter my friend David and I talked about hitting Nebraska for the archery turkey season opener on March 25th. It was going to be spring break for his son so we decided to wait until the 27th to head down. We researched some new areas in the North West portion of the state and began calling biologists and land owners. After securing some permission and had a hand full of maps we were ready.

It was going to be early and most of the birds were still going to be in their winter flocks. Strategies would change and you have to hunt them in the travel corridors, which for the river bottoms meant to and from ranchers hay stacks. The numbers were tremendous and a ton of hens as well as jakes were located. After some scouting and driving around learning the area we were ready for the hunt.

It is very important to scout, make several plans, have back up areas and do not hunt right away. I rather scout for 2 days and hunt for 1 good one if that is what it takes. Make the most of your time. We were glad we did that rather than set up right away without seeing what the birds were doing. The first 3 days so far on this trip we killed 3 birds. We have scouted, driven around, knocked on 15 ranchers doors and spent a total of 3 hours in the blinds to harvest these birds. Our scouting has paid off big time for us so far.

We still have 3 more birds to take down so stay close for more updates.

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