NE Turkey Hunt 2nd Trip

Team Outback Outdoors headed back out for our 2nd Nebraska turkey hunt. Up to bat this time was Team OO’s Adam Wells and Trevon Stoltzfus and along for the hunt we invited our good friend Shawn Greathouse of Hamskea Archery. The weather was great and the birds were definitely in a better mood than when we came out the first time for our OO cameraman’s hunt with Jeff McNair and Craig Stinehour.

With Trev’s shoulder still hampering his bowhunting he picked up the scatter gun and we took the fight to some thunderchickens. The first morning we got up close and personal as we called in some birds in their loafing area on Swanson Lake Ranch, just south of Stratton, NE.

Trev pounded a bird with the shotgun in the morning and then Shawn Greathouse arrowed a lonely lovesick turkey that afternoon.

Sunday morning Adam had the full support of both Shawn and Trev and if it hadn’t been for a minor equipment failure would have whacked a big Tom right after they pitched down from the roost.

The OO crew had a ton of fun, a lot of laughs, and some great action as they hunted turkeys on Swanson Lake Ranch. Although Adam has some clients coming in soon, hopefully he will be able to get back out there and go 3 for 3 later this week.

Team Outback Outdoors

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