Mule Deer Hunt webisode – Feedback

Mule Deer Hunting is one of our passions at Outback Outdoors, and our Eastern Colorado mule deer bowhunt webisode has quickly risen to the top of popularity in our growing archive of exciting hunting entertainment. Here is a response I got from a viewer in Indiana.

Brian, Columbia City, IN

“Well, I will admit this was one of my favorites.  There may be several reasons.  First, certainly making me wait on each subsequent episode built the anticipation.  I kept looking for the next episode to show up.  Second, I felt that the discussions of the pre-hunt setup and stalk were very insightful.  I would much rather see this type of information than watch the view out of a truck buzzing down the highway or running through an airport etc.  As I have said in the past, the travel parts of the videos should be very small or nonexistent in my opinion, which was true of these videos.  Both Trevon an Adam did a great job of describing the setup and strategy for each stalk that was filmed.  Third, I have never hunted mule deer, and have never tried to bowhunt in this type of open setting.  It looks extremely challenging, but you guys certainly showed that if you take your time you can get good quality shots even in such open territory.  In this day of instant gratification it certainly shows how patience is rewarded.  This hunt was certainly fair chase at the extreme.  It was also well filmed, and I thought the double views during the stalks were a good touch.  Finally, you once again showed that you don’t always get the biggest animal, but you did get a good animal. Good job guys!”   Brian

One Response to “Mule Deer Hunt webisode – Feedback”

  1. Dave says:


    Well said, and I completely agree with you about the quality of the filming and the clips Team OutbackOutdoors uses. Im Not here to watch the traveling and 20 min of sitting in a truck or at the airport. A little bit does give more of a complete story to the whole trip. The nice thing about hunting western mule deer is that sometimes stalks can take many hours to cover a couple hundred yards, and you may be within 40 yards of a buck for hours with the wind in your face just waiting for him to stand and stretch. Talk about mentally exhausing as Adam said. When you get the chance, you have to get a spot and stalk muledeer hunt in.

    Trevon, I enjoyed hearing Adam talk about winter browse. I spend a bit of time shed hunting and will start paying more attention to the feed available for the deer, and what they have taken off the brush already. I always notice the forage in a certain area, but I see now that you need to take a closer look at the leaders on each bush. This is just another part of the scouting for the following year. knowing how the deer make it through the winter, healthy or not, will affect how the herd is for the following year. Thanks for that tip. I will be watching this more often.

    Great three part video series, I was chomping at the bit to see the next webisode. hope there is a part 4 in 2010 with chips in the bed of a truck