Late Season Deer Hunt Update

I have been enduring some real nasty weather on my late season deer hunt in North Dakota with VanDaele Guide Service. I have hunted the last 5 nights with plenty of deer coming into the hay yard. This is the only food source at the ranch and with temperatures in the single digits and today winds of 35 mph all the deer in the area are feeding here. I had to play the changing wind the last 2 nights and new deer are showing up every night. I had my eye on 1 old heavy 4×4 mule deer and 2 good white tails.

Today we moved some hay bales around and set another blind for the North wind. It was still blowing 35 mph and snowing when I crawled in. At 4 oclock I watched in dis belief as a huge 180 class 4×4 walked past my other blind set with his doe group. He fed within 40 yards for 15 minutes and all I could do was watch. I will have ┬áthe wind right tomorrow and will be parked in the other blind in hopes of this trophy walking by me within bow range.

This is why I love the chess match we call bowhunting.

Check in for more updates and hopefully I can show you a picture of this deer close up soon.

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