Important Wolf Update – It Now Affects Your Life!!

I was invited by my local archery shop here in Montana to attend a meeting put on by several sportsman’s groups which were going to discuss a hot topic out West. It had to do with Canis Lupus or as we know them by their common name, the Canadian Gray Wolf.
I figured it would be the typical meeting of grouchy hunters complaining about how the wolf has decimated our elk and deer populations in places out West. I was very suprized to learn that the Wolf is carrying a life threatening parasite which has been proven to be the sole reason for the death of animals but more importantly now humans. This is the real deal and even the CDC, Center for Disease Control has been in a panic over the recent findings.
The parasite is carried in the scat of the Gray Wolf and is an airborne disease. This means anytime that the scat is disturbed and then inhaled it is contracted by the animal or person breathing it. This goes way beyond hunters. This will affect everyone from hikers, bikers, horse back riders, photographers and anyone who comes to the West to enjoy the great outdoors. Anyone who is in close proximity to where the wolf lives could be affected.

I urge everyone to go to and read the actual facts related to this important topic. You will be shocked to see how our government disregarded pleas from wolf experts about the re-introduction of this animal. Please feel free to comment back to us here and let us know what you think. Again you do not have to be a hunter to be interested in this topic.

Jim Brennan – Team Outback Outdoors

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