Idaho Elk Hunt

It is September and out here in the West for the Outback Outdoors team that means it is finally elk season. I just returned from the opening week of hunting for elk in Idaho. It was a great trip but the hunting was rather slow. This time of the season the bulls can be rather quiet and still in their bachelor groups and the cows and calves are still together as well. You have to cover a lot of ground and do various calling set ups until you locate a willing bull.

At this time of the season the bulls will be just breaking up their groups and start to establish their pecking order. Small bugle sounds and chuckles work best this time of year. They want to know where each bull is at and who might be in the area. Again it can be a very frustrating time of year because elk are hard to find when they are not vocal. You just have to keep at it and set up and call. Wait at least 30 minutes before re locating. The bulls will come in quietly and you have to be ready.

As the rut continues the calling will pick up as the bulls start to gather cows and move them to their mating grounds. You have to change your tactics and calling styles if you want to be cutting your tag on a good bull this fall.

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