Hunting Videos on the Web – Best Viewing Experience

Hunting Video websites, including Outback Outdoors, that produce and show exciting hunting action are popping up more and more as the convenience of watching them for free and 24/7 availability (and usually commercial free) appeals to today’s on-the-move and computer savvy hunting community now more than ever. While, just like in anything in life, there is a lot of variety in hunting entertainment on the web to chose from. Some webisodes are very well produced “TV Show” webisodes and others are simple video blogs, with a more personal hunting journal type of a touch.

Regardless of your preference there is definitely something out there for every fanatical hunter! We at Outback Outdoors do our best to present entertaining hunts and at the same time (through humor, disappointments, and sometimes stupidity) try to teach our viewers through our adventures.

One thing that I hear a lot from viewers is that our videos stop and and pause briefly and then start back up as the video downloads.  This can be quite distracting and make any show HARD to follow, and frankly make a viewer want to turn it off. For the best viewing experience with any outdoor video webisode (including Outback Outdoors) is to start the video by hitting the play button and then once it starts hit the pause button. You will then see a gray bar start to move across your timeline in front of where you paused the video. Next go get a cup of coffee, soda, or a beer (of course your choice of beverage will be determined by where you are and what time of day it is). Depending on your internet speed this can take a while if you are on dial-up (maybe 2 beers??) or just minutes if on DSL or Cable. By allowing the video to download to 90-100% you will be able to watch the webisode completely and not be “bothered” by the annoying starting and stopping of the action as your download catches up with your timeline.

I hope this helps those of you faithful Outback Outdoors’ viewers and as always we love to hear from you and keep the input coming. I have to go pack for a Nebraska Turkey hunt with Adam Wells tomorrow, so be looking for some updates from that…


Team Outback Outdoors

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