Help Pick Our Shirt Design & Win A Shirt!

Outback Outdoors T-Shirt Design from Outback Outdoors on Vimeo.

Help us pick a Outback Outdoors shirt design and you will be entered to win a free shirt! We will print and sell the shirt with the most “Likes.” Make sure you follow Step 1 and Step 2 below!

Step 1: Click “Like” on the shirt design you like.
(click on picture for a larger view)

Step 2: Post “Free Outback Outdoors Shirt” on our Facebook page wall to be entered in to win!


Note: If you do not have a Facebook account email with your favorite design and you will be entered.

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12 Responses to “Help Pick Our Shirt Design & Win A Shirt!”

  1. james mathews says:

    Thank-you and have a nice day

  2. Richard Gowens says:

    Newbie to bowhunting love your site.

  3. Lee George says:

    The lightning bolts look great.

  4. James Brandt says:

    The combination of shirt design one and two in design three looks the best.

  5. Barry Beebe says:

    Slick design, would be proud to wear the t-shirt.

  6. tracy hill says:

    Will wear it PROUDLY, Thanks

  7. Indie Allen says:

    I really think that design 3 would be awesome and it would be an awesome shirt to wear

  8. Erik says:

    i love design #2! i would rock that shirt along with basically any of them. But #2 is my favorite. GOOD WORK!

  9. Aidan coffin says:

    I like design number two

  10. Chad Hall says:

    Design number 2! I want one right now!

  11. Darren Daniels says:

    Design number 2 looks the best to me. would wear it proudly

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