Deer Hunting With A Handgun

Here at Outback Outdoors we all like to pursue all types of game with several different types of weapons. This year due to an injury fellow team member Trevon has had to hunt with a cross bow. As you can see he has had some great success.

I have been hunting for nearly 30 years and primarily use the bow. I enjoy rifle hunting as well and more so lately have dabbled in the art of using a hand gun. I had this hand gun made a number of years ago, a Thompson Contender JDJ in  .338 caliber. This hand gun is very accurate and will shoot to 300 hundred yards with the perfect rest and conditions. I practice some with it but not as much as I should. The custom loads and recoil make it a bear to shoot. Make sure you are wearing ear protection if you are within a mile of me when I touch off the trigger. I feel comfortable out to about 200 yards.

This fall I decided to take a deer with the hand gun here in Eastern Montana. The rut is in full swing and the deer are very visible. I located this buck with the help of my friend Craig who owns Trophies West, a top notch outfitter for whom I work for. After making a short stalk I spooked the nervous does and away the whole group went with this buck in tow. He did not go far and settled down as I snuck through the pines. I located him about 60 yards away and stood using my full length shooting sticks. He was anchored by a 200 grain custom load and is a trophy I am truly proud of.

I have taken a white tail as well as my lion using this fun weapon. Give hand gun hunting a try to extend your season as well as your accomplishments.

Here is another buck my good friend shot on the same morning.

2 Responses to “Deer Hunting With A Handgun”

  1. That’s pretty dang cool Jim. My dad used a .30/30 Winchester Revolver a few years back to kill some deer in Minnesota. He said it was a lot of fun too.

  2. Dave Beronio says:

    Buddy, that is awesome.
    I bet it makes it a bit easier to pack into the backcountry with a pistol as well. Congrats on a great looking buck.