Deer Hunting Videos and Off Season Training that Keeps the Wife Happy

Deer hunting videos and off season preparation that keeps the wife happy… might not be the normal heading for a blog on ANY hunting website, but for me I have found a way to make these two important things (off season training and a happy wife) work together.

I am married to a wonderful non-hunter! Don’t get me wrong she loves for me to hunt and will cook ANYTHING I kill, but she has no desire to hunt herself. In a way that is good thing. When I am out in the field trying to capture my exciting bowhunting adventures on video for Outback Outdoors or Hardcore Hunting TV, I do not have to worry about her being cold, worn out,  or comfortable. All of my attention can be focused on the hunt at hand. But as most of you hunters that are married know, keeping one’s wife happy during hunting season can be a difficult task. It is not that my wife dislikes hunting, but the time I am in the field and away from the family places a burden on her to keep the machine running smoothly at home, by herself.

I was reminded the other day by a good buddy Jerod Fink about some wisdom that the legendary Randy Ulmer shared on this very subject a few years ago at the ATA show when we were all out to dinner together. Randy explained how important it was to him to have his wife feel connected while he is out stalking a giant muley buck or bull elk.

This how he does it, “Before I leave for a hunting trip,” Randy explains,  “I hide notes that she will find through out the week around the house that remind her how much I love and appreciate her. I will also have a friend drop pre-written postcards in the mail, one each day, that have poems or thoughts so she gets those everyday while I am gone. It has made an incredible difference on my wife’s countenance and our relationship!”

It might sound corny but it works!! A way I have found to “connect” with my wife is doing something together that SHE loves . For MY wife that is competing in triathlons (Sprints – 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run). This summer we are competing together in a few triathlon events and last weekend we finished our first (the pics are from this last weekend’s tri). While we don’t compete in the event “hand in hand” or even always train together we are working towards the same goal and my wife LOVES it.Let’s be honest here… I DO have ulterior motives! Imagine the shape I will be in when it comes time for my mule deer and elk hunts!

In summary a hunter doesn’t have to do a triathlon or run a 5K with their spouse to “build up points”, the bottom line is the investment I make NOW…. in time with my wife, a unifying purpose, and getting into top physical shape will pay HUGE dividends in the fall….. MAN AM I GLAD SHE DOESN’T CROCHET!!

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  1. Collin says:

    Great article Trev… and good tips from Randy. Ill have to remember that someday!