Colorado Mountain Lion Hunt 2010

Deer Hunting, specifically whitetail deer, is  the most popular big game to hunt and probably the most watched when it comes to hunting entertainment. Looking at team OO’s schedule, it is probably what we do the least…… Not that we don’t love it, but with the four of us having so many different hunting opportunities, it has just worked out that way and the hunt I will be going on this weekend is no different.

I will jump in the truck and head to meet Adam this afternoon to chase some lions in the high country of Colorado. If you are a faithful Outback Outdoors viewer than you have probably watched last year’s lion hunt where we documented a tough hunt and then let  a female go. You can still view that on the OO website, scroll down to webisode 2 on the main viewing page.

Last year we got great footage and to be honest, it was quite a challenge keeping up with the hounds but we are about t do it all over again! I will keep everyone posted on our progress as tracking conditions are perfect with some fresh snow on the ground.

Trev – Team Outback Outdoors

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