Deer Hunting In The Late Season

It is time again to try and hunt the bitter cold late season in North Dakota. The last few years I have come here in December and encountered very cold conditions. This year I am able to get here during the last week of November but mother nature has been cruel again. I arrived to minus 4 degrees and winds of 30 mph. It has shut down the deer movement for the time being.

The 10 day outlook is for the weather to warm which will kick off the deer movement again. The rut is still going here with the white tails as well as the mule deer. I plan on sitting back on a high vantage point to establish where the deer are moving to the food source which is a large hay yard used for feeding the cattle on the ranch. I will try and find some ambush areas for either a tree stand or ground blind.

The fresh snow again will help me find the most recent deer movement. I have to try and place several set ups for various wind conditions. The deer movement is usually limited to the first hour and last hours of the day.

With any luck and warm clothes I might be able to arrow a good deer from this frigid Northern state. There are some good bucks still cruising the river system so it is just a matter of time and a little luck.

Check back for an update on my archery hunt!!

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