Colorado Mt Lion Update – Day 2

Today was another rough  one, and unfortunately NO lion tracks… if Bobcat season hadn’t closed 4 days ago we would be in the money!

We didn’t cut any tracks on the snowmobile, so we “took another walk” with the dogs. Honestly it wasn’t near as rough as yesterday (Partly because I took my pack from 40 -20lbs and partly because we didn’t have to climb up through such a steep north facing canyon) we hit a lot more south facing slopes hoping to jump a lion “kicking it” in the sun.

Tomorrow we are going to hit it hard again, but will working some REALLY rough country. We are going to work up and over a hogback ridge that holds a lot of lions but it is pretty rugged. Conditions are really tough as we have DEEP (knee to waist) snow in some areas and then on the southern slopes it is turning muddy. We will have to luck into a fresh track tomorrow under those muddy conditions, but it will be SUPER fresh!

Wish us luck and hopefully tomorrow we tree a huge cat and can finish what we started! Here are a few more pics from today…

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