Colorado Mountain Lion Hunt

Colorado Mountain Lion hunting is one of the most rewarding and (to be honest) the most physically demanding bowhunts an archery hunter can do. Well, at least the way we at Outback Outdoors do it. We feel, as I have stated many times before, the hunt is not the shot but rather the hounds working the scent and the trail.

Today we probably went 6-7 miles in somewhat adverse conditions (3-4 foot of snow and mud) and NEVER turned up a track. Many hunting shows will never show that, but rather showcase the dogs being turned onto a hot track and the the next thing you know they are shooting a cat out of the tree. But to us at OO that is not the hunt.

Don’t get me wrong our way is not the “easy” way… showing the “casting” of the dogs over a 4-5 mile canyon deeply embedded in snow is extremely rough, but it is the REAL hunt! Today we turned no track but tomorrow, hopefully, will be better. I am “trashed” so I am going to bed, but until tomorrow good night, and remember there is only one Outback Outdoors!!

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