Colorado Elk Season Rolls On

The 2011 elk season rolls on here at Outback Outdoors and sometimes we aren’t always the ones actually pulling the trigger. As most of you know all of us at OO are hardcore hunters at heart but we also spend a lot of time guiding other hunters. The OO crew met up on Big Mountain Ranch where Adam Wells guided Graylen Goff and Jim Brennan guided her brother Rudy Goff to nice 6 X 6 bulls during Colorado’s 1st rifle season while Trev ran the video camera capturing all the excitement.

There is something awesome about young hunters in the field successfully harvesting trophy bulls, but more so is when a 14 year old gal (Graylen Goff) shows great composure and whacks a great bull on video….well that is just dang COOL!

Keep checking back at Outback Outdoors for Adam’s upcoming archery elk hunt and also for Graylen’s….. and maybe even another surprise archery elk hunt where Dave Beronio switches places with cameraman Chris Callinan and Chris gets it done with his bow!

The 2011 season is ROCKING! Let us hear from you and how your season is going! The rut is just around the corner and team OO is getting ready to head out to Missouri and Kansas for some big whitetails, too! Good luck and shoot straight and fart downwind.

Team Outback Outdoors

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