Colorado Bowhunter’s Association (CBA) Banquet

The CBA banquet is an event every year that brings together most of the bowhunters in Colorado to admire the awesome trophies that were taken in the prior year, get a jump on researching areas of interest for the upcoming year, and of course spin some “Yarns” of past hunts.

This year I was invited to attend as a guest speaker and when I heard Adam was going to be free for the weekend I quickly roped him into helping me tag team my two seminars. Bowhunting legend M.R. James, founder of Bowhunter Magazine, was the featured speaker and the attendance was incredible. I love giving seminars but it was particularly fun in this environment as I feel as if it Outback Outdoors’ home bowhunting organization.

I started off the day with a seminar called “Shadowing an Elk Herd.” Bringing Adam into the mix we showcased some tips and tricks we use to successfully harvest bull elk, particularly herd bulls, with this technique. Using video is a great way to reinforce a point as you teach good information. Honestly who doesn’t like watching bugling bull elk? We also had a few awesome clips of Rockie Jacobsen (Bugling Bull Game Calls) as he, in detail, explained how he calls and moves to consistently kill bulls.

In the afternoon we switched gears to my “Being Prepared for the Backcountry” seminar. In this seminar I tapped into my experience as an athlete and brought in Andrew Munsell and Shawn Greathouse of Hamskea Archery to discuss equipment prep (particularly bow preparation and third axis). We also discussed being physically and mentally prepared for bowhunting and practical techniques to be ready.

Overall we had a great time, exposed a lot of people to Outback Outdoors, talked about the new TV show, and discussed the Full Draw Film Tour coming to Denver in June, I am already looking forward to next year!

Trev – Outback Outdoors

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