Close Call on the Mountain

I just about met my maker the other day up here on the Mountain. I was in the process of opening up the main road to the summit on the ranch with the snow cat when I triggered an avalanche.  The highest summit on the ranch is just about 10,000 feet in elevation and it is amazing how much more snow there is at 10,000 feet vs 8,000 feet where my house sits.

Seeing the snow break open directly above me and then rush down on me like a water fall is an image I will have for the rest of my days. The impact of the wall of snow rocked me into the side of the cab on the snow cat and pushed the cat from level to about 10 to 15 degree angle. Thankfully it didn’t push me over the edge or roll me over.

Life is tough up here on the mountain, I am careful and cautious but sometimes unexpected events happen that can literally kill a guy.

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