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Outback Outdoors Scores Again – Trev’s Wyoming Public Land Bull Elk

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

With archery elk season in full swing and one antelope buck bow kill in the books, I headed to meet good buddy Quentin Smith owner of QRS Outdoor Specialties at their lodge on the Split Rock Ranch north of Rawlins, Wyoming for some archery elk hunting. This tag took me a LONG time to draw and I knew there was going to be some great bowhunting action as I anticipated awesome bugling bull encounters.

As the hunt unfolded we came to realize that the rut seemed to be 2 weeks late. The bulls weren’t really talking and the big bulls hadn’t even started taking over the small band of cows and young bulls yet. Never-the-less we saw multiple bulls everyday as we covered a lot of country and had numerous close calls.

I unfortunately was only going to be able to hunt 4 days as Quentin had to leave to guide other hunters at his Colorado camp. When the last day rolled around, and with no bull on the ground, my buddy Jeff (and ace cameraman) had to leave to head back to Fort Collins, CO for prior commitments. Quentin and I talked Travis Stevenson, the  ranch manager for the Split Rock Ranch, into running camera for us and we headed off for one last valiant effort.

The last morning brought 25-30 mph Wyoming winds and 20 or more other hunters to the area where we had been encountering numerous bulls in our prior days of hunting. The morning came and went with no encounters as everywhere we went there was hunter or an ATV already there. After a quick lunch we headed back out to try and find some new honey holes where we knew some bulls had to be hiding with their harems.

As we drove to a new area Travis suggested we stop and try calling in an area that was “too easily accessible” (using reverse psychology) hoping that it would have been overlooked by other bowhunters because it was SO close to the road. We hiked in over a ridge and Quentin ripped off a bugle. Sure enough a bull hammered back about 200 yards in a small draw below. The hunt was on!

Travis and I sprung into action as Quentin continued to call and keep the bull talking. We moved forward and met up with the bull (by this time getting quite aggravated at Quentin’s infringement on his territory) and his cows. We found ourselves in a thick stand of small pines and had a cow come into 4 yards and the bull bugling at Quentin at 7 yards, but it was so thick I had no shot. The bull bugled again making the hair on the back of my neck stand at attention. I finally found a shooting lane where I thought the bull might walk through and drew my bow. Somehow the bull caught the movement and spun and blew out. Travis and I did are best to cow call and calm the herd as we knew they had not winded us.

Frustrated and disappointed we met back up with Quentin and worked further down the draw. Excited at the encounter but dejected at the lack of a shot opportunity we decided to try calling again and the bull answered immediately having just crossed the bottom of the draw. Travis and I back tracked and set up in the draw’s bottom which was filled with tall lodge pole pines and dead falls. In this setup at least, if the bull came back in, I would have some shooting lanes.

Quentin aggressively called and 15 seconds later Travis looked up and said, “He’s coming!” I got ready and Quentin’s calling brought the bull across the draw at a run. He came to withing 20 yards and I stopped him broadside in a gap between two trees with a quick cow call. I let the top pin of my Spot Hogg – Tommy Hogg sight settle just behind his elbow and released the arrow. The bull blew out and I quickly cow called after him as he crashed through the scattered down timber. He went a mere 40 yards and crashed hard! He was down and we had gotten it done in the 4th quarter, on the last afternoon of our hunt. I was overjoyed and to top it all off our “rookie” cameraman, Travis, had captured the exciting event all on video as if he was a seasoned pro!

I can’t thank Quentin Smith of QRS Outdoor Specialties and Travis Stevenson of the Split Rock Ranch enough for all their help on this adrenaline packed archery elk hunt!

NEXT… Colorado Archery Elk, hopefully I can do it again in Colorado! Look for this exciting hunt on Outback Outdoors soon and check back often for more updates and webisodes of what is starting to look like a banner hunting season at Outback Outdoors!

Trev – team Outback Outdoors

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Outback Outdoors Wyoming Antelope Archery Hunt 2011

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Bowhunting Antelope can be quite a challenge. With eyes like a set of 8 power Nikon binoculars, blazing speed, and skittish demeanor, harvesting an antelope with a bow can be a roller coaster ride. In 2011 Adam Wells and I kicked off the fall hunting season with a speed goat hunt with Scott and Angie Denny with Table Mountain Outfitters in Douglas, WY. This was truly exciting to me as this would be my first chance to bowhunt since my shoulder surgery.

The first morning of the hunt Adam and I both went (with our camera crew, Sarah with me and Kyle with Adam) to our blinds set up on water holes with excited anticipation. In our blind Sarah and I had some excitement at around 8am as a doe and a fawn followed by a small buck came into drink. After sizing him up I made the decision to pass on him and instead just shot him with my camera. Throughout the day a few more does came to drink as the squelching Wyoming heat set in. A group of 4 bucks circled but never committed to the water hole or offered a shot, and that was the last of the excitement for us in our blind for day 1.

Adam and Kyle, on the other hand, had a little more action. Mid morning some domestic sheep payed them a visit and soon a few doe antelope. That started the party and soon they had a group of four smaller bucks getting hydrated in the heat. Adam wisely passed on the smaller bucks, and not 10 seconds after those bucks finished drinking and headed back out on the prairie, Adam spotted a good buck coming at a steady pace right to the water hole.

Adam got ready and when the buck dropped his head to drink he gave Adam a great 20 yard broadside shot. Adam’s arrow flew true and the buck went down 30 yards away on video. The footage was great and Adam was tickled, as this was his first Pronghorn buck with a bow since he was in high school.

The next morning Scott Denny, Sarah, and I jumped in the truck ready for another scorching hot day in the blind (AKA. the sweatbox) and hoping that some big bucks would be thirsty. On the way to the blind we drove by a lone antelope that was feeding by the two track road we were on and was paying us no mind. As we rolled by him I mentioned to Scott what a great buck he was and how I would love to have a shot at him. Scott smiled and said, “These antelope are so use to seeing the gas and oil field trucks they sometimes ignore them, watch this!” He circled around out of sight and we got out of the truck. Slowly we worked our way angling toward the buck’s slow line of travel cutting down the distance. Soon we were out of cover but since we wearing our Hecs (Human Energy Concealment) suits we decided to try and push our luck. As we continued we were in plain sight. The buck just looked at us, apparently feeling no threat, he went back to slowly feeding. We cut the distance down further until we were in bow range and I was able to slowly draw, settle my pin and drop him with an arrow. It was amazing! I had never seen anything like it. We basically angled toward the buck (all 3 of us) until we were in bow range. If you haven’t seen how the Hecs Technology works you owe it to yourself to check it out. (

The trip was a huge success and a great way to kickoff Outback Outdoors fall hunting season! For me it was extra special as this was the first big game animal with my Hoyt Carbon Element after my shoulder injury and surgery.

Check back we have more exciting hunts lined up as Dave Beronio spots and stalks bears in California, Jim Brennan tries to get back to the lower 48 states from a disastrous guiding experience in Alaska (he will have to fill you in on those details) and for Adam and I bowhunting Bugling bull elk is just around the corner!



Outback Outdoors

Off-Season Preparation – Tucson Triathlon 2011

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Off-season preparation at Outback Outdoors is important and although cliche, with the OO team there really is NO off-season. Along with my recovery from shoulder surgery this year, I personally make it a priority to ramp up my cardio fitness in the summer months. This not only helps me get in better shape physically for the upcoming bowhunting season, but also helps to sharpen my mental focus as I also start to shoot my bow a lot more with daily practice sessions and local 3D shoots.

One thing I enjoy doing to help keep me HIGHLY motivated (although just the thought of being ready to make the shot on a trophy of lifetime is all the long term motivation a bowhunter really needs) is compete in triathlons. I find that the mixture of swimming (really great for my recovering shoulder), biking, and running helps a ton with my overall fitness and keeps my training fresh and avoid the rut and boredom of the “repetitive training blues.” I pick 2 or 3 local Triathlons to help with my short term goals and to gauge my fitness level. This elevates my daily motivation to achieve my longer term goal of peaking physically when September (archery elk season) rolls around.

I just returned from Tucson AZ and my first triathlon since my shoulder surgery and actually did quite well. My family from New Mexico came over and along with my younger sister Lani Hofacket and her husband Jerod Hofacket and my older sister Lori Gobble and her daughter (my niece) Jessica Gobble we competed in the Tri-Sports Firecracker Triathlon. There’s nothing like completing a triathlon on July 3rd in Tucson for testing ones physical and mental stamina in extreme heat!

I was pleased with my performance and despite my shoulder and the stifling heat finished only a minute slower than last year, as I felt my conditioning and strength were behind last year’s schedule. Gauging from this event I can now focus more on where my weaknesses lie (mostly physical conditioning) and gear up for my next one July 30th in Denver, CO.

I will also continue to shoot daily to fine tune my accuracy and increase my bow poundage as my shoulder allows me and before I know it archery season will be here. I encourage everyone to push their limits and train in that “uncomfortable” zone where you can expand your physical and mental conditioning. I promise it will be well worth it when you find yourself this coming season in the field with the wind in your face and your bow in your hands.

Trev – Team Outback Outdoors


Thunderbird 3D Shoot and Seminar

Monday, June 20th, 2011

I just returned from a great event in New Mexico, the Thunderbird 3D Shoot. This event is special to me because it is the major fundraiser for NM’s 4H Archery Club. I even have some younger cousins that are involved in the club. This year, similar to last year, saw over 300 participants from AZ, NM, TX, and even Mexico.

They invited me down again this year to put on a bowhunting seminar at the lodge on Friday night and it was a a lot of fun. Along with some good “how-to” tips we had a lot of laughs and I shot my bow until my shoulder felt like it was going to fall off! It was good rehab for my shoulder as I am still building up my strength and even better company!

I am already looking forward to next year! Here are some more pics…


Team Outback Outdoors and Outback Outdoors Partner up

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Outback Outdoors and are pleased to announce their partnership as Trevon Stoltzfus joins the ranks of elite gear reviewers for the biggest bowhunting website in the world! Trev will be doing honest overviews and reviews of new hunting equipment and giving honest feedback as to how it will or will not fit into the arsenal of a western backcountry hunter.

Outback Outdoors and Full Draw Film Tour – 2011

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Outback Outdoors is excited to announce our participation in this summer’s bowhunting adrenaline packed FULL DRAW FILM TOUR. Along with 7 other independent outdoor film production companies, OO will be bringing you a taste of what we have labeled “The Journey” and here is OO’s teaser.

We are excited to be involved with the Full Draw Film Tour as it is a non-profit company with all the proceeds going to the awesome Hunt of a Lifetime charity. As always let us know your thoughts and we hope to see you at the Full Draw Film Tour this summer!


Trev – Team Outback Outdoors

NE Turkey Hunt 2nd Trip

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Team Outback Outdoors headed back out for our 2nd Nebraska turkey hunt. Up to bat this time was Team OO’s Adam Wells and Trevon Stoltzfus and along for the hunt we invited our good friend Shawn Greathouse of Hamskea Archery. The weather was great and the birds were definitely in a better mood than when we came out the first time for our OO cameraman’s hunt with Jeff McNair and Craig Stinehour.

With Trev’s shoulder still hampering his bowhunting he picked up the scatter gun and we took the fight to some thunderchickens. The first morning we got up close and personal as we called in some birds in their loafing area on Swanson Lake Ranch, just south of Stratton, NE.

Trev pounded a bird with the shotgun in the morning and then Shawn Greathouse arrowed a lonely lovesick turkey that afternoon.

Sunday morning Adam had the full support of both Shawn and Trev and if it hadn’t been for a minor equipment failure would have whacked a big Tom right after they pitched down from the roost.

The OO crew had a ton of fun, a lot of laughs, and some great action as they hunted turkeys on Swanson Lake Ranch. Although Adam has some clients coming in soon, hopefully he will be able to get back out there and go 3 for 3 later this week.

Team Outback Outdoors

Bowhunting Turkeys in Nebraska – 2011

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

At Outback Outdoors we are always ready for the opener of turkey season, probably because of the cabin fever caused by winter, but this year we had a special tripped planned.

In 2011 we headed to Swanson Lake Ranch in SW NE to meet up with Adam Wells and have are first annual “Cameramen Appreciation Turkey Hunt!” The plan was to have Adam and I run camera for two of our loyal and hardworking cameramen Craig Stinehour and Jeff McNair. These two guys have spent numerous hours behind the camera capturing the adrenaline packed action of the OO team and it was finally time to reverse roles.

Jeff and Craig were excited to get a chance to hunt and we met up with Adam at his property south of Stratton, NE for a few days of exciting turkey bowhunting action. Another exciting facet of this hunt was Jeff McNair was bringing his 7 year old boy Lochlan on his first turkey hunt. Unfortunately Mother Nature was not aware of our plan and turned cold, windy, and snowy.

Even with the frigid weather the boys had some opportunities but  unfortunately we couldn’t close the deal. Bowhunting is tough but hunting grumpy thunder-chickens early in the season  with nasty cold weather (and trying to capture it on video) makes it even tougher!

On Saturday Adam and I had the privilege of heading 30 miles east to McCook, NE to speak at the McCook Bowhunting Club’s Big game feast and awards banquet (thanks to the invite from good friend Chad Graham). The banquet was a blast and we had a packed house and got to meet a ton of new friends and fanatical bowhunters. We hope they will have us back next year! Read the McCook Gazette article on the dinner.

As all good things must come to an end we all sadly loaded up and headed home on Sunday night, disappointed that we didn’t have some wild turkey breasts for the freezer but the memories of our first OO team hunt of the 2011 season will last a long time!


Team Outback Outdoors

Bowcast at the Bird – 2010

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Bowcast at the Bird – 2010 was a blast! I met Rocket Ryan (who was actually working a Professional Bull Riding event on Saturday night) in Salt Lake City, UT on Friday afternoon and we headed up to the Snowbird Ski resort to meet with Anthony Dixon and Shawn (Launch) Monsen with Full Moon Productions (FMP) for some dinner and get a feel for how the weekend was going to go. When we up to the ski resort, as usual, there was lots of old friends already there and one in particular, Corey Benge from Montana, (a very experienced and accomplished bowhunter in his own right) and we started kidding each other and ended up placing a $100 bet on who could shoot better on BATB’s (Bowcast at the Bird) SMOKER course. That night we also got to meet a lot of new bowhunters that I am pleased we can now call friends!

The next morning we jumped on the chair lift and up to shoot one of their four 3D courses in the beautiful high country of Utah. The courses were laid out in the picture postcard beauty of the Snowbird summer slopes with a beginners, intermediate, elite and the infamous SMOKER course.

The first day was a lot of fun and Rocket Ryan (who had been in TX working some rodeos and had not been able to bring his bow) ran camera to capture the shooting before he headed back down the mountain to work the West Jordon,UT PBR. Saturday we had a chance to shoot three of the 4 courses (all but the smoker course) and then I got to go to dinner with Mark Renner, Branden VanDyken, Joe Arpin, Cory Taylor and the rest of the be the guys and Eric Nothe and the crew. After dinner we hung out,visited, laughed, and caught up with everyone’s upcoming hunting schedule and swapped some great stories looking forward to the next day’s shooting (It was also fun to catch up with Chris Denham of Wilderness Athlete and his son Mark)

The last day brought us some rainy conditions and Rocket and I headed up to meet Corey Benge and the be the crew and shoot the SMOKER coarse (where all the winning $$’s in the bet were going to be donated to Brodie Swisher and his Montana Youth Bowhunter Camps). The Smoker course was phenomenal! We had 10 targets of various yardages and extreme uphill and downhill shots (one was a mule deer at 80+ yards and you shot it for 67 yards). The kicker was you only got 2 arrows (1 primary and a mulligan) if you missed and broke it then you had to use your mulligan arrow for the rest of the round and if you missed and broke that you were DONE!) The scoring was a little different too, instead of the usual 12-10-18-5-0 score the small 12 ring was worth only 10 points and the 10 was worth 8. If you missed the vitals instead of getting the normal 5 points you got zero!

Unfortunately I missed and shattered my first arrow on target 3 and Corey was a rock. We had a great time and Corey had ice running through his vanes and at the end Outback Outdoors donated a $100 to Brodie’s camps as Corey put the whooping to me. (Branden VanDyken out shot both of us and he wasn’t in the bet!)

The event was a blast and Rocket and I even got a chance to have Shawn Monsen and Anthony Dixon help us draw for the 2nd Quarter Bowhunting Gear Giveaway for a set of new Nikon Monarch Binoculars (check back soon as we are going to be posting the video of the Nikon Bino winner soon). Already looking forward to next year and I feel we at Team OO are ready for this years archery big game season!

Thanks to Shawn, Anthony, Aneal Roney, Mathew Burrows… etc and all the Bowcast and FMP crew that put this event on …. YOU HAVE TO GO NEXT YEAR!!!

Getting Caught Up

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Hey all sorry it has been so quiet around here at OO. I have been SUPER busy!!

Just got back from a GREAT time with the family in California (Disneyland) and got to see it through the eyes of my 4 1/2 year old. It was awesome!

My wife Sandy and I hung out with all my family and then we went back to Phoenix to see Sandy’s dad and we met my little sis and her husband in Tucson AZ for a triathlon where Sandy and I posted personal bests! It was a ton of fun, too!

I have one more triathlon on Aug 7th in Denver then it will be hunting season and I should be in really good shape to chase critters in the Rocky Mountains with my bow.

Couple things…. I am heading to the Bowcast at the Bird ( with our FMP (Shawn “Launch” Monsen and Anthony Dixon) buddies this weekend and Rocket Ryan is flying into Salt Lake for a PBR Saturday night (Talk about killing two birds with one stone) to join me and capture it all on video.

Also we will be drawing (and videoing the drawing) the winner of our 2nd quarter Bowhunting Gear Giveaway (a set of Nikon Binos) and will get the results up as soon as I get back! Thanks so much for checking in with us in the off season and I promise I will get the last part of the turkey webisode up ASAP!