California Bear Tag in Hand

A pleasant surprise in the mail today, my California hunting license and bear tag.

With internet access we have updates and tag results at the push of a button. But one thing that never gets old is picking up the mail at the gang box, sifting through the stack of bills and seeing an unmistakable letter from a Department of Fish and Game.

As the shadows of evening cast into the canyon the bear was spotted feeding up a long side a thin red willow patch. Chomping the lush grass that lined the willows, this bruin never heard Outback Outdoors camera man, Chris Callinan stalking into position at the head of the willows. The wind was perfect, cover minimal, the bear never knew he was there. Chris kept tabs on the animals location by watching patches of hair through the thin willows. With the bears head pinned to the ground and moving uphill, chris could get positioned and drawn without detection. The moment of truth came when the bear cleared the brush 8 paces from the tip of Chris’s broadhead. With perfect shot placement all hell broke loose in the bottom of the canyon. The bear spinning and biting at whatever penetrated behind his shoulder while Chris sat motionless in the grass only yards away.

The most terrified person was Chris’s wife Celest who was sitting on the adjacent hill a couple hundred yards away watching the events unfold through the spotting scope. To her it looked like the bear was on top of her husband. As the bear fell a sigh of relief came over her as Chris stood out of the deep grass bow raised thankful for a great hunt.

This is what I have to look forward to archery hunting CA bear. California does not allow baiting so there will be no waiting for bears to come to us. There will be plenty of excitement as we spot and stalk them in the high alpine country of the Sierra Nevada mountains. With Chris filming over my shoulder we will bring you the excitement from the ground.

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