Californa Bears Hit the Ground

I am still suffering from adrenaline overload from this years California spot and stalk bear hunt.
What an exciting hunt with all the highs and lows associated with bow hunting. Our spring and summer scouting provided us hundreds of bear pictures, increasing our excitement and anticipation for the upcomming season but as we all know, things change in the field.

Opening weekend came around and we hit the mountains hard. I spent hours pinned behind the glass of my Nikons searching every nook and cranny only turn up sows and cubs. This was special in its own right as it allowed us opportunity to watch nature at work and kept us on our toes. One situation in particular put us 12 yards from a sow, with her two cubs under 10 yards, her bluff charge raised the hair on the back of our necks and as Fred Bear said, “it is a feeling that will cleanse the soul”.

Heading back to work for a couple days, I gave Chris a couple days off from running camera.  He used this time for scouting, but with bow in hand he found himself 18 yards and at full draw.  Chris took advantage of this gift and filled his tag with a nice California bear.


I was still with an unpunched tag when the hard work and dedication finally paid off.  Spotting a great bear with the first rays of light our stalk would be fast and the final seconds even faster. Forty yards of berries and steep High Sierra country kept us from the bear, but only clean mountain air separated my Goldtip arrow from his thick chocolate coat . With camera rolling, my first shot hit the mark. The bear hit the deck, regained his footing and sprinted uphill only to realize there would be no more up. This is when the real fun begins. Without giving away too much, I leave you with this; My first shot was at 40 yards, the second was at 7 yards and I never moved my feet.


With Chris Callinan running camera and me behind my Hoyt CRX 32 we have gained memories that will last a lifetime. We hope you enjoy watching this hunt as much as we had bringing it to you.

We will see you where the white rocks and the green trees meet the blue sky.

2 Responses to “Californa Bears Hit the Ground”

  1. Josh says:

    That was an awesome hunt. What general area of California was that? I’m assuming by the fences that you were hunting on private property? Also, in the video, I believe it was Trevon, said that Dave drew a coveted California bear tag. As a california bear hunter, I know that all bear tags are over-the-counter for residents and non-residents alike. Did he really “draw” a tag and if so, what is the hunt name?

  2. Trev says:

    Thanks for the feedback, this hunt was all public and you are correct it was NOT a limited draw tag… my mistake!

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