Bugling Bull Game Calls, Official Call of Team Outback Outdoors

The Outback Outdoors’ crew has been using the Bugling Bulls Game Calls for quite a few years and we are excited to announce that in 2012 BBGC has become a full partner for Team OO. This comes at a great time as we look towards the start of our 2012 season television airing 2nd and 3rd quarter on NoCo¬† Channel 5.

We are also pleased to announce that not only will we be using the awesome BBGC products, but we are also going to implement the use of some of their exciting footage….. What a great way to make sure we are bringing the best western bowhunting/hunting action to our audiences!!

Team Outback Outdoors welcomes Rockie Jacobsen and the crew at BBGC’s and look for them in some of our upcoming shows!!

Trev – Team Outback Outdoors


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