Bowhunting Gear – New Hoyt Bow – Maxxis 31

Bowhunting Gear is always fun to talk about, review, and more importantly use!

This year Team OO (Outback Outdoors) is shooting the new Hoyt Maxxis 31.  This 3.9 lb beauty is a little speed demon with a bit of a kick. I had the pleasure of getting mine a little early and last November I took a whitetail and turkey in Kansas with the new bow. It is definitely a great new offering and after a little “getting to know me” time I have grown to like this bow more and more.

The problem I have is I still LOVE my Alpha Max 32! Oh well, I guess that is a good problem to have, both the Alpha Max and Maxxis 31 are shooting identical speeds coming in at 291 fps at 28″ draw and around 70 lb draw weight. With 3D season just around the corner and turkey season not far off, the difficult decision will be which one to shoot….. I guess I’ll just shoot them both.

One Response to “Bowhunting Gear – New Hoyt Bow – Maxxis 31”

  1. James A. Johnson says:

    The New Hoyt Bows are second to none! HOYT BOWS ARE THE BEST! I Own 3 Of them, Trykon, Alphamax, & The New MACXXIS!