Bowhunting Gear – Chase away the winter blues by testing out new hunting gear

Bowhunting gear, for me at least, is one of the best ways to chase away the winter blues. No I am not talking about going on a spending frenzy that I will feel guilty for later, but rather hanging out at the local bowshop, shooting some indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) 3D shoots and exchanging notes on what’s new in the archery world. With turkey season just around the corner it keeps me pumped and sharp as I check out some of the new gear that we at Outback Outdoors will be using this season. Here are a few that stand out…

Hoyt’s new Maxxis 32 bow

Black Gold’s Ascent bow sight

HECS 6th Sense Apparel – You have to check out the website to truly understand how revolutionary this product is –

Ripcord’s CodeRed Drop Away Rest

Under Armour’s new Ridge Reaper Outerwear – great video overview –

Nikon’s new Rangefinder that adjusts it’s display to an LED (bright red yardage numbers) if the back ground is darker and normal (black yardage numbers) if the background is lighter. –

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