Bowhunting – 3D Archery Shoots in the Off Season

Bowhunting is a passion with Outback Outdoors, but in the off season we love shooting local 3D shoots! I had the opportunity to do just that today, and it was great! It was 2 degrees and snowing….. It screamed bowhunting!! I competed in the Big Thompson Bowhunter’s monthly shoot at Lon Hagler Reservoir¬† in Loveland CO. It was REALLY tough as I shot a 408 (8 points up) and still placed 3rd. I love shooting like this in adverse conditions and in the wet and uncomfortable conditions… still being able to execute the shot. That is what bowhunting is all about to me.

Lot’s of fun and I just caught wind of another shoot within 90 miles of home that happens tomorrow…. Rock on!!

2 Responses to “Bowhunting – 3D Archery Shoots in the Off Season”

  1. Joe Turner says:

    Congrats Trev, Good shooting. Where’s the other shoot you referred to? Too bad my schedule keeps me from all the BTB shoots. See you at the next FCAA shoot.


  2. Trev says:

    Sorry to get back to you so late, it was in Ft Morgan, River Bottom Archers shoot