Bear Hunting And Family Values

One thing here at Outback Outdoors we instill is the value of getting your entire family involved in the outdoors. Every chance we get some of our team members or our close friends get their wives and children outside and teach them the importance of passing on our hunting heritage.

This past weekend I headed out with my good friend and hunting partner in North West Montana on a spot and stalk black bear hunt. We have had a very cool and wet spring so far which has kept us from our familar haunts due to snow levels still being high in some areas. The truck was packed with gear as well as Dave’s wife Karen and two boys Easton and Warren. We would drive logging roads and glass in between rain storms. Nothing was seen except numerous other hunters doing the same thing as us and with the holiday weekend and the end of bear season near.

Just when we were calling it quits we spotted a bear, a chocolate bear no less. He crossed a clear cut and we were able to get around in front of him. After several minutes we could not locate him so Dave decided to try some predator calling. Within a minute his youngest boy spotted the bear heading our way. With Warren on the camera and the bear within bow range, Dave made the shot. A short recovery later and the whole clan had a beautiful bear.

This is what the sport and life style is all about, family and friends. Whenever you get a chance make sure to include anyone who wants to get involved and look to recruit others if given the chance.

Have a great summer and look for new and exciting webisodes to come.

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