Bear Hunting-Alberta Canada

I just returned from Alberta Canada on a dream bear hunt. Trevon kept you up to date on my hunt and I want to tell you that Garrett Brothers Outfitters are the absolute real deal. It was the best bear hunt I have ever been on. I saw over 50 different bears and had action every day. The ride in was incredible on a jet boat some 70 miles up river. Once we arrived the camp was perfect. Base camp had multiple cabins, showers, a cook house and plenty to do during your hunt.

The first night out I saw 5 bears and shot a giant bear that weighed in at 310 pounds, had a 19 6/8 inch skull and was just over six feet. I was on cloud nine and I captured the entire hunt on camera while self videoing. He did not go 10 yards and tipped over. My equipment performed perfectly and it was a great night.

I sat a few more nights in different stands and saw many other bears but I wanted to cut my tag on another giant bear. In Alberta you get 2 bear tags so you can be selective.

During the day we would check baits or just hang out in camp with the entire Garrett family. The parents, two brothers, their wives and kids all run the camp. It was the most fun I have had playing horse shoes, shooting rifles, skeet and riding quads. Each day you would have breakfast at 9, lunch about 3 and dinner when you returned at 11. The food was amazing and you WILL gain weight on this trip.

I saw bears of all sizes and also colors while on different bait sites. The second to last night, of the six day hunt, I sat on a remote bait accessed only by boat and than a 45 minute ATV ride. I had 6 bears in and had a monster show up at about 8:15. I ran camera on him as he ate the beaver that was hung up in a tree at a higher elevation for the REALLY BIG bears and had many chances to shoot this massive bruin. The problem was another hunter in camp was supposed to sit there that night but we had a mix up when placing hunters. I was very hesitant but chose to pass up the huge 7 foot bear. That night we came back to camp and reviewed my footage which also included seeing a wolf. What an awesome night to be in a treestand and running video.

The next day, which my last I wanted to sit again for the big bear. I talked it over with the other hunter on how to decide who would hunt his spot. A coin toss decided my fate and as you can see I won!!! This bear was a true giant who weighed in at 360 pounds, was over 7 foot long and his giant melon head scored in at 20 3/8.

I had 2 hunts of a lifetime in the same week. I highly recommend Garrett Brothers Outfitters for a great bear hunting experience in the true Canadian wilderness. They also offer white tail deer hunts, moose hunts as well as fishing trips. Please check them out for a trip you will not forget.

Oh yeah I did get the second kill on video as well so look for both hunts coming soon on our web show.

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