Archery Trade Show showcases some of the newest and hottest gear for 2010

The Archery Trade Show in Columbus, OH is over but the images of all the cool and innovative new products is not! As team Outback Outdoors flies west, excited to start working on their 2010 season, one new product that really stands out in my mind is the HECS Energy Cloak Fabric Researched and developed by innovative archery industry leader Mike Slinkard.

Mike, owner of Winner’s Choice Custom Bowstrings (the only bowstrings that team OO shoot) and Motion Targets, explained how all living bodies produce and emit electromagnetic energy (EM). Mike went on to explain that it is this EM that animals use to identify danger and catch the first hint of a predators movement. This can be easily seen in a mature whitetail buck who, upon reaching a close proximity to a downwind hunter, start to display “nervous” behavior even though the hunter has not moved and cannot be smelled. Hunters have always used the term “6th Sense” to describe this unexplainable phenomenon.

Mike also explained that the HECS Energy Cloak Fabric, by using conductive carbon fibers that are woven in a specific grid pattern to block EM energy, can block up to 90% of the Electromagnetic Energy emitted by the human body. This awesome innovative product is one of the most significant discoveries about keeping the human body concealed from game since the advent of camouflage. Even more interesting was the bowhunting videos playing in his booth that showed the technology in use and how well it worked in real bowhunting situations.

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