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Turkey Hunting – Team Outback Outdoors’ Season is Winding Down

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Turkey hunting for Team Outback Outdoors in 2010 is winding down! At this time of the season, I say it every year, “I HATE TURKEYS!” Each year they embarrass, frustrate, and annoy me to NO ends, but I am sure come next spring I will be dusting off my turkey calls and anxiously awaiting opening day to get out and call an old tom in and give him a “dirt nap.”

This year was a good one for the four of us at Outback Outdoors we each killed 2 birds and caught it all on video for the upcoming turkey webisode. From Montana, Nebraska, and Colorado we did our part in helping to control the thunderchicken population.

For me personally it seemed tougher than normal as I spent quite a bit of time behind the camera with Adam and Ryan (but they did the same for me) so I was especially excited to have Adam give me a shout this last weekend to meet him on his NE property (Swanson Lake Ranch – and try and arrow my final bird for the season.

The turkeys were very call shy and so Adam and I set up our blind in a loafing area and I was able to take a nice jake (killing tomorrow’s trophies today!) at 32 yards as he was moving through the area. Although the birds weren’t responding very well to calling we still got it done on video and I am excited to start compiling and editing the turkey bonanza webisode that will be next on Outback Outdoors.

Now time to get serious about training for a couple of triathlons and get ready for archery mule deer hunting in Wyoming September 1st!


Team Outback Outdoors

Bear Hunting-Alberta Canada

Monday, May 17th, 2010

I just returned from Alberta Canada on a dream bear hunt. Trevon kept you up to date on my hunt and I want to tell you that Garrett Brothers Outfitters are the absolute real deal. It was the best bear hunt I have ever been on. I saw over 50 different bears and had action every day. The ride in was incredible on a jet boat some 70 miles up river. Once we arrived the camp was perfect. Base camp had multiple cabins, showers, a cook house and plenty to do during your hunt.

The first night out I saw 5 bears and shot a giant bear that weighed in at 310 pounds, had a 19 6/8 inch skull and was just over six feet. I was on cloud nine and I captured the entire hunt on camera while self videoing. He did not go 10 yards and tipped over. My equipment performed perfectly and it was a great night.

I sat a few more nights in different stands and saw many other bears but I wanted to cut my tag on another giant bear. In Alberta you get 2 bear tags so you can be selective.

During the day we would check baits or just hang out in camp with the entire Garrett family. The parents, two brothers, their wives and kids all run the camp. It was the most fun I have had playing horse shoes, shooting rifles, skeet and riding quads. Each day you would have breakfast at 9, lunch about 3 and dinner when you returned at 11. The food was amazing and you WILL gain weight on this trip.

I saw bears of all sizes and also colors while on different bait sites. The second to last night, of the six day hunt, I sat on a remote bait accessed only by boat and than a 45 minute ATV ride. I had 6 bears in and had a monster show up at about 8:15. I ran camera on him as he ate the beaver that was hung up in a tree at a higher elevation for the REALLY BIG bears and had many chances to shoot this massive bruin. The problem was another hunter in camp was supposed to sit there that night but we had a mix up when placing hunters. I was very hesitant but chose to pass up the huge 7 foot bear. That night we came back to camp and reviewed my footage which also included seeing a wolf. What an awesome night to be in a treestand and running video.

The next day, which my last I wanted to sit again for the big bear. I talked it over with the other hunter on how to decide who would hunt his spot. A coin toss decided my fate and as you can see I won!!! This bear was a true giant who weighed in at 360 pounds, was over 7 foot long and his giant melon head scored in at 20 3/8.

I had 2 hunts of a lifetime in the same week. I highly recommend Garrett Brothers Outfitters for a great bear hunting experience in the true Canadian wilderness. They also offer white tail deer hunts, moose hunts as well as fishing trips. Please check them out for a trip you will not forget.

Oh yeah I did get the second kill on video as well so look for both hunts coming soon on our web show.

Bear Hunting Update – Jim Brennan in Alberta Canada

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Bear hunting season is finally here and Outback Outdoors’ Jim Brennan is with Garrett Brothers Outfitters in Fort McMurray, Alberta hunting big black bears. Some of you might not realize this, but Jim is a black bear aficionado. He has, in the past, owned and operated his own black bear outfitting service in Saskatchewan, CA.

Yesterday I received a text from a phone number that I didn’t recognize. it said the following. “Borrowing phone its jim no service up here big bear down.” After texting him back asking for a pic and more info, he responded, “Cant he was black around 6 foot 3 no neck big head 12 long 7 and 1/2 wide 310 on scale no phone pics.”

Translation – Jim killed a smoker of a black bear at over 300lbs and 19 plus inch skull! Congrats Jim and can’t wait to see the pics and the video!

Team Outback Outdoors Announces New Sponsors – Press Release

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Outback Outdoors Press Release                                          5/07/10

For Immediate Release:

With the business of the early trade show season and turkey hunting almost completely behind us, Outback Outdoors is pleased to announce their partnership with some great new sponsors for 2010.

Spot Hogg LogoSPOT HOGG ARCHERY – In 2010, Team OO will be using Spot Hogg’s line of bow sights to round out the setup on their Hoyt bows for this season.

Spot Hogg builds a quality product with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Because of the abuse that Team OO puts on their equipment during the course of a season out west, Spot Hogg Archery and Team OO have partnered up in order to get these tested and proven sights in the team’s hands to put to the test. Wil Askew, Marketing Director for Spot Hogg states “Spot-Hogg is very pleased to be working with the Outback Outdoors crew. Their hunting style is similar to the way we build our products, Hard Work, Dedication and a Passion for Success. We know they will put the products to the test as they film numerous archery adventures across the country.”

Ryan Litwin of Team OO adds “We are excited to be using Spot Hogg products this year. We feel we now have the best archery set-up available to match our western bowhunting style. We want to use and promote the best products out there, and feel we have that with Spot Hogg.”

Spot Hogg Archery is the manufacturer of quality-built bow sights and accessories. What is a Spot Hogg? It’s an archer who devours the center of the target consistently, leaving no room in the spot for others…Are YOU a Spot Hogg?

WA LogoWILDERNESS ATHLETE – Also in 2010, Team OO is proud to announce that this fall, in the rough backcountry of the Rocky Mountains, the OO team will be fueled by the performance nutritional products of Wilderness Athlete.

Wilderness Athlete and Outback Outdoors have a history that goes back to the beginning of WA. Chris Denham, of Wilderness Athlete, explains, “WA is thrilled to partner with team Outback Outdoors as this relationship is a no-brainer. WA was formulated to maximize success in the style of hard core hunting that Outback Outdoors excels at, and the opportunity to showcase how WA can and should be essential in any hunter’s pack or base camp is a perfect fit!”

Trevon Stoltzfus of Team OO excitedly states, “WA is not new to us at OO, as a matter of fact we have been customers and believers in their performance nutritional products for a while now. With the alliance between Team OO and WA now becoming OFFICIAL we are excited to expose even more hunters to their science based hydration drinks, energy drinks, performance bars, gels, and multi-vitamin supplements. The bottom line with WA is their products WORK and we at Outback Outdoors can confidently stand behind them!”

Wilderness Athlete, Inc., is the nutritional authority on outdoor performance nutrition. WA addresses the needs of quality nutrition for the hunting, fishing, and outdoor industry with several unique products. Wilderness Athlete stands alone in offering the industry’s only full line of nutrition bars, gels, hydration drinks, energy drinks, and multi-vitamins for the outdoor athlete.

Everyone has their own “wilderness!” Wilderness Athlete can help you get the most out of yours! WILDERNESS ATHLETE – Where is your Wilderness?

Gold Tip LogoGOLD TIP – Gold Tip arrows have proven to be the leader in quality and reliability in carbon arrow design. Outback Outdoors, in 2010, is pleased to announce that Gold Tip is the exclusive arrow sponsor for Team OO.

Tim Gillingham, Gold Tip’s National Shooting Staff Manager states, “Gold Tip is excited to partner with Outback Outdoors for the 2010 season. We look forward to merging our exciting line of the world’s best hunting and target arrows with the enthusiasm and professionalism Outback Outdoors brings to the table.”

Trevon Stoltzfus of Team OO adds, “With the quality and consistency that Gold Tip offers in their hunting and target arrows Outback Outdoors and Gold Tip make a formidable team. As much as we shoot on the practice range and in competitive 3D tournaments, all in preparation for making those crucial shots on a big game animal in the field, it brings us peace of mind and confidence to have Gold Tip arrows as an essential part of our bowhunting arsenal.”

Gold Tip – In 1990, Gold Tip pioneered the world’s first carbon graphite shaft arrow. Since then, the company has been providing serious archers and bow hunters with the most innovative, durable, and precise carbon arrows in the world.

Every Gold Tip arrow is manufactured from the finest aerospace-grade materials, built to meet the industry’s most exacting weight and straightness specifications, and is supported by a network of knowledgeable and friendly employees, dealers, and distributors.

That’s why many of the world’s best professional archers depend on Gold Tip, and why bow hunters and recreational archers claim that Gold Tip makes the toughest arrows they’ve ever shot.

Outback Outdoors is the original semi live web only hunting show with a western flair. Made up of four industry professionals, Team OO brings you hours of entertaining, informative action in a webisode format on their website



and Team Outback Outdoors

Turkey Hunting – Kansas Thunderchicken Roadtrip a Great Success!

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Turkey hunting in Kansas was a ton of fun and although I didn’t have internet access (except for my phone) to keep everyone up to speed I did my best to keep our Facebook page up to date.

Rocket Ryan and I just returned home from an 8 day run in Kansas where we joined JT Harden and Jason Irish with Hardcore Hunting TV on an Under Armour Turkey hunt with Blue River Whitetails and Dave Schotte. Rocket was the Under Armour Athlete hunting and I was behind the video camera. Rocket killed 2 great toms (but I will let him tell you that story in his blog) and we fought horrible weather with some crazy wind and rain.

Overall between JT Harden, Jason Irish, Preston Schotte (the outfitter’s son), and Rocket Ryan turkeys hit the ground. We had a great time and we at Outback Outdoors have made a new outfitting friend in Blue River Whitetails and the Schotte family!

Next we cruised east to Hiawatha and Kicking Bear’s Kicking beards 2. This even was a fund raiser for Ray Howell’s Kicking Bear camps, a non-profit organization that exposes troubled kids to hunting and fishing with a mentor. Through a text messaging campaign Kicking Beards brought various hunting TV hosts and industry professionals together with hunt winners to share and video a hunt together and shoot a fun pop-up 3D target course.

On this hunt we met Jarod Crider of Locked Horn Outfitters (who provided the hunts) and I was up to bat. I was fortunate enough to take a nice tom by ambushing him in a tree row as Rocket manned the camera. Jodi Smith who was the huntress that won the hunt from Florida was also able to take her first tom at the very last second with Mike Miller (aka. the Turkey Assassin) before having to catch her flight for home.

Kicking Beards was a lot of fun for all and we made some new friends and were able to hang out with some old ones. Overall I think we killed 26 or 27 longbeards and had a lot of laughs for a GREAT cause.

Enjoy the pics…

Hosts Pictured left to right in back are Tom King (Bighorn Outdoors), David Langston (Hunter Safety System), Ray Howell (Kicking Bear), Trevon Stoltzfus (Outback Outdoors and Hardcore Hunting TV), Casey and Chris Keefer (Back Country Quest TV), Heath Painter (Sportsman of North America), Frank Giacalone  (Hunting with the Judge), Mike “The Turkey Assassin” Miller (Hunting with the Judge), and Jimmy “Big Time” Miller (Jimmy Big Time) Front Row – Hunt Winners

Trev – Team Outback Outdoors

On The Road

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Well I just got to Texas after almost two weeks of Turkey hunting in three states! First I took Pete Angle of Under Armour hunting in Montana to kill his Merriams on his quest for a single season grand slam. We got it done despite birds that didnt want to cooperate and Pete being very ill! I then drove my truck to Trev’s house and caught a flight out of Denver to go to Cleburne TX for a PBR. I flew out of Fort Worth at 7 AM Sunday, Met Trev at the Denver airport and we headed east to North Central Kansas to meet up with JT Harden and Jason Irish of Hardcore Hunting TV. JT, Jason and I were going to hunt at David Schotte’s Blue River Whitetails and Trev was to run Camera for me. We had tornado force winds for two days but did manage to get on some birds with Irish killing one and missing two and JT doubling one evening in 45 minutes! I finally managed to crawl to within range of a big Tom strutting for some hens and with JT running camera and calling killed a double bearded Rio. The very next morning we set up on a field where the birds were coming to after the roost and had a great show that ended up with me smoking a giant Eastern as he came to the call. I also killed a coyote while we were set up one morning as he was stalking the same birds we were and I dont like competition! We had a blast on this leg of the hunt, got to spend some time with JT and Irish and laid down some good footage for a future episode of Hardcore Hunting TV! We then took off and headed 70 miles East to Hiawatha KS to be a part of the Kicking Beards event for the Kicking Bear Charity, but you’ll have to read Trev’s blog for the rest of the story!!

Turkey Hunting Mountain Merriam’s

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Out West I really enjoy hunting Merriam’s turkeys in the mountains just like elk or mule deer. These birds are true survivors of the harsh weather and numerous predators that lurk out here.

The best way to hunt these roaming nomads is to locate big blocks of public ground and look for small parcels of private land laced in between where they run cattle or horse operations. These birds will winter close by due to the feed available for them and help them get through the winter. During the spring these birds will start to break up from the large winter flocks and will spread out into the mountain areas. Drive around the countless forest service roads and call in random locations early in the spring. Take a good map with you and mark on it where you have located gobbling birds. Once the season opens head for those areas and hopefully you will be into birds.

Once you have located these beautiful birds have patience. They travel a lot of ground during the days, sometimes as much as 1-3 miles. They will usually have a set routine and fly down near open clear cuts or dirt roads where they can strut and show off for the ladies. Usually a few hours later they will then head for the timber to loaf and feed throughout the day. This is the best time to ambush them as they spend most of the day there.

The bird here was located the evening before near these roost areas and we had set up on him right on the closed gravel road. He as well as 2 other Tom’s came in as well as 2 Jake’s. They did not give us the opportunity for an archery shot but we decided to return the next morning. We did not show up at first light because we knew where they would be. By 9 am we were set up in their travel area and we were able to decoy him into to 10 yards for and easy and ethical archery shot.

Being in the mountains in the spring is awe inspiring as you see the land come to life. We have seen deer, elk, turkeys, coyotes, wolf sign, as well as moose tracks. It is also a great time to look for sheds as well.